Self Love. Practice You

A Personal Journey of Self Transformation

6 Week Online Course

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Self Love. Practice You
This course is designed for yoga students of all levels who are looking to deepen their practice by building new habits of self-observation, self-study and self-reflection.

Through a 6 week powerful yogic journey you will have an opportunity to challenge your perceptions, rearrange your limiting beliefs and accelerate your success. Each day of the program you will define and discuss different concepts as they relate to your life. It will help you to get closer to yourself, help you get closer to the world. It is an opportunity to explore possible strategies you can use to love your life. You will forge new pathways in your mind, your body and your spirit.

This course is an invitation to become the author of your own experience, a chance to map your highest Self, through yoga, meditation, contemplation, and journaling. A series of sequenced yoga practices will support each aspect of being in your physical body. Meditation and simple breath-work will help to unleash your creativity.

This course is inspired by the Practice You journal by Elena Brower.

You Will Receive and Learn:

  • Daily Mindfulness Practices (meditation, breathing, contemplation, affirmation)
  • 75/90 min yoga4men alignment class videos (one each week)
  • 75/90 min kundalini4men class videos (one each week)
  • Access to live yoga4men weekly classes
  • Tools to increase your happiness, your productivity, your confidence
Learn effective home practices that you can continue for years to come.
Do yoga wherever you are, whenever you can, with whatever you have.

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