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WALES, UK 21th JUNE - 24th JUNE 2024 Find more info here WALES,UK

PAROS, GREECE 29th SEPTEMBER - 05th OCTOBER 2024 Find more info here PAROS,GREECE 





"I embarked on a retreat with humble expectations of a simple yoga vacation. But the journey turned out to be a profound and transformative experience, igniting a newfound passion for personal growth and self-discovery . Highly recommended" Ray

“Being new to yoga and not knowing anyone else on the retreat, my anxiety levels were high, but this quickly disappeared.  Rad was welcoming, accommodating and helpful with his tuition, recognising my limitations and finding ways around moves that were difficult for me.  The experience also further developed the spiritual dimension of my life. The acceptance, support and encouragement that I received from him and the other men in the group was incredible, and I found the whole experience to be life affirming and life changing. I really want to make yoga an important part of my life, and I will continue to take opportunities to join Rad’s retreats.  I have gained the confidence to recognise and accept myself and to carefully tread my future path in life, and for this I am truly grateful.”  Ron 

‘The embodied practices of yoga and tantra helped me move from mind to body releasing new energy for life. As I move into the body my mind let’s go. I surprised myself finding a deep resource of subtle energy in the tantra practices allowing me to do with ease what the mind thought difficult"  James

"I’ve had the good fortune to find Rad’s yoga retreats 4 men and the pleasure of attending 2 New Year retreats in Goa 2016 and Bali 2017. The retreats have helped me in understanding and dealing with my anxiety and day to day stresses. My yoga has improved immensely as has my mediation which now calms my mind so I can deal with the day to day stresses. I have come away with life tools and life long friends from around the world. I can’t wait for next years retreat !" David 

" I was grateful to find that Rad was extremely easy going and supportive. He allows you to find the answers within yourself and holds the group energy with a gentle supportive detachment. We had some fun times, some soul searching times and also found out the parallels between our practice and our lives. There was personal growth for everyone. There was genuine compassion and empathy pulsing through the dynamics of the group. I have made friends for the future and I have made friends with myself again." Stephen

"Rad's yoga was unbelievable! Such a deep knowledge of yoga and an amazing way of sharing that with all of us! This was my first retreat ever and I'm SO glad I chose this one! I highly recommend Rad's retreats! I'll be doing more!!!!! " Jared