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From hard work in foundational poses and strength based practices to blissful restorative experiences and fun flows – YOU choose from the variety of offerings as they amass; and then visit your favourite practices whenever you wish, again and again.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK Arm Balances - Bakasana

Recent Classes

Scorpion Pose Level 1,2 Alignment Class - 67 Mins.
The Sting of the Scorpion — This strong backbend (and inversion) practice takes up the peak pose challenge of Vrischikasana (Scorpion Pose) from Forearm Balance. Begin seated in Virasana (Heroes Pose) for centering, use props as support as you lay down and open your chest, shoulders, mobilize your thoracic spine and stretch your hip flexors and quads. Practice Pincha Mayurasana (Peacock’s Tail Pose) at the wall and then a progression of Vrischikasana stages using a chair at the wall. As you become the scorpion (metaphorically speaking) you are invited into the paradoxical relationship of nourishment/awakening and poison/toxicity, for what is toxic to us is the scorpion’s most valuable asset. Props; mat, blanket, strap, 2 blocks, wall, chair.
Restorative + Yoga Nidra - 60 Mins.
Gather your blankets and carve out an hour of you-time to slow down and rest deeply. Begin with a restorative Yoga – stretch your legs and spine in standing forward folds then treat yourself with luxuriously long supported Savasana (Corpse Pose) and guided Yoga Nidra (Yogic sleep), carry your calm state into a seated meditation, This practice will soothe your adrenals and calm your sympathetic nervous system and invite the relaxation response of your parasympathetic nervous system. Props: blankets, bolster, mat, quiet space.
Scorpion Pose
Restorative Yoga Nidra
Bakasana - 69 Mins.
Fly CROW, Fly! — Activate and strengthen your core in this Bakasana (Crane/Crow Pose) arm balance class. Practice and imprint the shape of Bakasana in lots of different relationships to gravity as you strengthen your hip flexors, abdominal muscles, and shoulders/arms/wrists. Expect Sirsasana I & II (Headstand, Tripod Headstand)) and a progression of Bakasana shapes and skills and transitions, from introductory versions with props, to Eka Pada Bakasana I (One Leg Crane/Crow), and optional headstand transitions. Options are given for all levels of arm balancers. Props: mat, blanket, 2 blocks, 2 blankets or bolster.
Kriya for the State of Mind and Paranoia - 75 Mins.
Paranoia and even panic attacks are not uncommon! The fear of the unknown can cause our mind to play tricks on us, so this week I want to give you a practice that will help you keep your mind on its best behaviour.

This set works on the pituitary gland which is also known as the master gland that works in conjunction with the hypothalamus to regulate secretion of the thyroid, adrenal and reproductive glands. Your Pituitary gland is key to attaining a healthy body and keeping us emotionally and physically balanced. Remember to perform this kriya if you get into a dark headspace, it will fill you back up with light so that you can get on with life.

Practice a progression of Vasisthasana (Side Plank) variations in a breath based dynamic flow class. Ease in with a few stretching poses, establish rhythmic breathing in seated Ujayii Pranayama (Victorious Breath), pair breath and movement and build heat in Surya Namaskar A & B (Sun Salutations) LOTS of shoulder and core strengthening opportunities in plank and side plank variations. This vinyasa practice includes alignment instructions with a constant emphasis on breath and uses repetition to build bigger and bigger waves of linked poses. Take it at your own pace; it may get a little messy and wild, so have a towel nearby and rest when you need to. Props: mat, 2 blocks, towel.

Backbend Flow - 65 Mins.
Strenghten your back body and open your front body in this steady flow, where you’ll work with deep, active backbends. This practice heats you up, makes you sweaty and drippy. When flow gets increasingly dynamic, as the sequence repeats again and again and adds more poses on the previous, it urges you to keep up with the pace and focus more.
Setubandha and Sarvangasana - 60 Mins.
Setubandha and Sarvangasana
Get out all your yoga props to enjoy this backbend class dedicated to building and refining Setubandha (Bridge Pose) and Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) Open your chest and shoulders and practice Sarvangasana at the wall, and a progression of bridge pose variations with prop drills to work step by step towards the ‘full’ pose. Expect plenty of heart opening, hamstring strengthening, inversion time and tinkering with props.
Props: mat, blankets, wall, strap, blocks, chair.
Upward Facing Dog is one of the most powerful yoga poses responsible for building strength, awakening the upper body, and preparing the body for intense backbends.This backbend focused class includes plenty of shoulder strengthening (latissimus dorsi) and opening, core engagement, hip flexor stretches, and posterior chain (hamstrings, glutes, spinal extensors) strengthening. Props: mat, blanket, 2 or more blocks, strap, chair, sliders.
upward dog

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I am an athletic person by nature. Ive been a hatha yoga practicioner and teacher for almost a decade uplifted and transformed by the medicine of the teachings.  I love the physical practice of vinyasa yoga: the idea of touching each muscle and opening up all the energy channels in the body is exciting to

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